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We provide Air Conditioning Services & Central AC Duct Cleanings for Offices, Homes, Buildings & Villas at low cost across UAE. Call / WhatsApp: 055-5269352 / 050-5737068.

Our Services: FREE Inspection, Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC), Advice & Quotation. Email inquiries at [email protected]

Our Services: Cleaning | Split Air Conditioner | Installation | Duct Cleaning | Disinfection , Coil | Commissioning | Modification | Repairing | Gas Charging Filling & Balancing , Compressor | Central AC | Supply | Water Leakage | Drainage | Fixing | Delivery | Desert Air Cooler | Ceiling AC | Cassette AC | Contractor | Chiller Unit | Fabrication | Dripping Water | Exhaust Fan | Air Con | Reconstruction | Heat Exchanger | Cold Storage | Panel | Portable AC | Kitchen Hood | Humidifier | Water Tank | Chilled Water System | Suspended AC | Commercial AC | Residential AC | Engineer | Testing | Freon Gas Refilling | Insulation | Water Heater | Filtration | Plant | Freezers | Wiring | Copper Piping | Pre-Insulated Ducts | Ecology Unit | Air Curtain | Damper | Duct Split | Ducting Work | Preventive Maintenance | Renovation | Air Filter | PCB Electric Board | Aluminum Cladding | MEP | Refrigeration | Fresh Air Handling Unit (FAHU) | Flushing | HVACR | Air Balancing | Sensor | Thermostat | Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) | Remote Control | Industrial Equipment | Cooling | AC Parts | Galvanized Iron Ducts | Replacement | Motor | Air Purifier | Floor Type AC | Grills | Diffusers | Ventilation | Package Unit | Fan Coil Unit (FCU) | Yearly Contract (YC) | Electromechanical | Handyman | Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC).

Brands We Deal : Aftron , Akai , Carrier ,  Cooline , Daikin , Daikool , Electrolux , Fujitsu , General Electric , Gree , Haier , Hisense , Hitachi , LG , MDV , Midea , Mitsubishi Electric , Nikai , Nobel , O General , Panasonic , Philips , Rheem , Rudd , Sharp , SKM , Super General , Samsung , Sanyo , Supra , Toshiba , Trane , York.

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