DFSK S560 Car audio radio update android GPS navigation camera

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Aug 27


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DFSK S560 Car audio radio update android GPS navigation camera


Model Number: SUV-D9321A


Compatible Vehicles:DFSK S560

With 9inch HD 16:9 Multi-touch screen,1024*600 pixels,digital RGB


Maintain all existing functionality,upgrade your car stereo system,access to internet!

Support thousands of Android APP download,install what ever you like,play whatever you want to play! 


This system is free satellite navigation,GPS global positioning system,2D-3D maps navigation, touch screen and voice guide.


* Built in WiFi Dongle,3G Dongle External .

* Support audio/video input/output.

* Free Map software,Mirror Link function,USB/SD/AUX Input.

* CANBUS support steering wheel control.

* Stereo RDS Radios.

* Built-in microphone,support Bluetooth Phone Call and Music.

* Support Android Multimedia Player.

Support Google Play Store+GPS+Bluetooth,iPod and iPhone,USB device,camera,AV device,etc.


Whatsapp: 008615919820731

Email: [email protected]    Website: www.suavdvdgps.com

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