An Elegant Charming Home At Its Absolute Finest, The Perfect Package Of Space, Style And Comfort

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Oct 8


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An Elegant Charming Home At Its Absolute Finest, The Perfect Package Of Space, Style And Comfort.


A generously-sized Room with Curtains, Wardrobes, PRIVATE BATH and Amenities is up for grabs for an Indian Executive to live it up with another cheerful and good-natured Indian Executive living in the same room since 2014. Just TWO people in this Room and 8 people (4 of them are a Family) in the entire naturally bright-and-breezy, centrally airconditioned, 3BHK Apartment. An elegant, palatial 2000 sqft Apartment in an upscale neighbourhood with plenty of FREE CAR PARKING SPACES available in the vicinity. If you are looking out for a homely, discreet and beautifully-maintained place, rest assured, YOU WILL TRULY LOVE to live here. There is no pain here, there is only peace and bliss. It is no secret that individuals develop strong emotional attachments to places which make them FEEL GOOD.


Location : Al Dar Building, Opp Golden Sands 9, Al Mankhool, Bur Dubai. Conveniently situated within close proximity (800 metres) to both, Al Fahidi and Al Karama Metro Stations. Most Restaurants and Supermarkets are highly familiar with this Building. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Groceries or any other item ordered on the phone, gets quickly delivered to the Residents of Al Dar Building.


Rent Dhs 1,600/- per month incl of Dewa, Wifi (250mbps) and Amenities – Washing Machine, Fridge, Microwave Oven, Water Purifier and Housemaid. LIFE IS NICE N EASY FOR YOU HERE, as your entire Housekeeping work (dusting, vacuuming, mopping of Room and cleaning of Bathroom) will be taken care of by our Housemaid daily. After a long hectic day at work, you’ll come home, kick off your shoes, take a refreshing hot shower, change into shorts, and ENJOY YOUR QUALITY MY TIME by just doing what YOU LIKE doing (books, music, videos, games, movies, social media, hang out with friends, step out for a walk, or simply cool off on the bed). You’ll always be energetic, relaxed, creative, motivated and efficient here. Kitchen facilities will also be arranged for you if needed.


Real Estate Agents are welcome to show this Room to their Indian Clients.


Chat with Sanjay now (or Whatsapp) – 055 7822117.

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